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December 19, 2016

Friday Night Fights: Results

Friday Night Fights closed out their 2016 season finale with a bang. Four titles were on the line, in addition to two pro fights headlining the event. The promotion kept the Broad Street Ballroom warm on a chilly Friday evening with... View Article

December 8, 2016

Fighters of New York: Juan Cortez

Juan “Mucho Macho” Cortez quietly wraps his hands as his coaches set up the day’s Muay Thai fight training. Teammates Wes Curran and Dawid Zimniki, also competing on the upcoming Friday Night Fights card, are in a corner talking with... View Article

November 18, 2016

Friday Night Fights: Results

Last night at Broad Street Ballroom, Friday Night Fights put on another exciting show. Not only were competitors from all corners of New York revving to fight, but fighters flew out from Puerto Rico, Oregon, and Florida to show what... View Article

November 11, 2016

Fighters of New York: Nate King

Nate King has a knockout personality. Charismatic, funny, and friendly, the 28-year-old pro fighter has been doing this for a long time: 11 years to be exact. We will see him headline Friday Night Fights versus Gaius Ebratt for a... View Article

Photo by Alberto Vasari
November 10, 2016

Fighters of New York: Victor Canales

The first thing I notice is how dry his lips are. “I’m still cutting weight,” he says, “So right now I can’t have much water.” As he speaks, I can hear his lips stick together and the thirst in his... View Article

August 26, 2016

Fight Results: Friday Night Fights

Friday Night Fights John Kraljevich (3-1) Five Points Academy, NYC .vs. Joan Linares (3-0) Sit Quan Tong, SC — Winner: Kraljevich 1:28 3rd Round TKO Arthur Krillov (2-1) Church St Boxing, NYC .vs. Nick Holochuck (0-2) Stockade MMA, Kingston, NY... View Article

FNF Ariel -1-1
August 1, 2016

Fight Results: Friday Night Fights

June 29, 2016 Friday Night Fights Results: 1. MT Rules: Ricky Mora (0-1) Rebel MT vs Tim Smith (0-1) Stockade MMA – W Mora 1:22 3rd Rd KO 2. MT Rules: Carlos Saldana (0-0) Diamond MT vs Josh Madoff (0-0) 8... View Article

June 18, 2016

Friday Night Fights: Results

Friday Night Fights  1.Full Rules Muay Thai 155lbs (Red Corner) UFC Gym, NYC 3-1 Terrell Harewood .vs. (Blue Corner) Sitan, Queens, NY 6-3 Nick Doucette Unanimous Decision Winner – Harewood 2. Glory Rules Muay Thai 140lbs (Red Corner) Team Thunder,... View Article