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5 Questions with…Lauren Fish


written by Dave Patton

Not everyone takes the same road to becoming a fighter. Some are groomed since birth. Some find their way later in life. Everyone’s journey is different, and their reasons for it vary. Self-Improvement, Weight loss, Self Defense, or Competition. The one constant is the dedication to the craft. No true Martial Artist or Fighter is handed anything. Professional or Amateur, it is through hard work, sweat, and sometimes blood and tears that we improve. 

Over the next few weeks, leading up to Rise Invitational 4 on MAY 18 at The Capitale in NYC (RISE Tickets), I will be presenting profiles of some of the Competitors. Through their own words, I hope to give a glimpse into their life and their story. 

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Name: Lauren Fish

Age: 36

Team: Tiger Schulmann’s Martial Arts

Rank: N/A – not Traditional BJJ school

Years training: 5

Lauren Fish does not have what you would call a traditional Fighter’s background. She is a full time Pediatric Physical Therapist, specializing in working with Special needs children. She is a mother of two children, a 12 year old and a 5 month old.  Lauren was once an Elite Softball Player, until an Orbital and cheek bone fracture, forced her from her sport of choice. 

Despite her unconventional background, Lauren found her love for Martial Arts, and Competition, with Team Tiger Schulmann. She now balances her work schedule and raising a family, with the rigors of training.  Now Lauren is married to David Fish, known by some as the MMA Lawyer, after meeting him at Tiger Schulmann’s. David represents such fighters as the UFC’s Shane Burgos, Lyman Good, Mike Trizano, and Julio Arce.

  1. How did you get your start with Brazilian Jiu Jitsu?
  2. “My – at the time – kindergartener was doing karate, and it was recommended it would be a great stress reliever as a single parent returning to graduate school.  I also loved the idea that I would feel empowered by getting in shape and that I would be able to protect myself.”
  3. Other than your Instructor, who would be your dream private lesson?
  4. “When I first started in this sport, Ronda Rousey was someone I admired.  And I still do. I respect what she’s done for women in this sport.  I would love to get work with her and especially learn her incredible throws and arm bar set ups.”
  1. What is your favorite technique/position/series?
  2. “I don’t have a favorite, but enjoy attacking with “low percentage moves” because they tend to surprise people.  I work on sweeps from all positions and transitions to a variety of submissions. “
  1. Prefer Gi or No Gi and why?
  2. “I only practice No Gi.”
  1. People would be surprised to know...
  2. “I acquired 15 minutes of fame when I got to compete at NAGA against UFC bantamweight Sara McMann. I lost to her by 6 points….not too shabby!”

And a bonus question, since Lauren answered it so eloquently…

       6. How has Brazilian Jiu Jitsu affected your life?

  1. “Training has allowed me to stay in shape, both physically and mentally. It has allowed me to bond with my son and husband (we all train), and helped me build relationships with friends. I have also been fortunate enough to become an example for young girls and women seeking empowerment through BJJ. Competing has benefited me by helping me learn how to maintain discipline when training for a fight, and it’s helped challenge me in ways that make me want to strive to be better. I have learned how to be patient, how to be humble, and how to cope with defeat. All of these qualities carry over into everyday life and have guided me toward being the best wife, mom, colleague, friend, and leader I can be. I have made many connections through competition and it has opened avenues for me to explore different areas of the BJJ world.”



Be sure to check out Lauren Fish battling Diana Karavas of Dante Rivera Bjj at the Rise Invitational 4, this May 18. for more information, head to RISEInvitational.com


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