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Behind the Fight: Big Baby Miller

Jarrell "Big Baby" Miller


Big Baby preparing his mind for was at Brooklyn Brawl NewYorFighting.com

Big Baby Miller preparing his mind for war at Brooklyn Brawl


On the Brooklyn boxing scene, June saw the reopening of the historic Paramount Theater, former home of music icons and athletes alike. Showcasing this revitalization was the performance of Brooklyn’s own Jarrell “Big Baby” Miller, who applied his pugilistic skills to repel the onslaught of the experienced and cagey Damon ”the Bulldog” McCreary from the Motor City, home of the HOF Tommy “the Hitman” Hearns.

Jarrel Miller getting his hands wrapped with NewYorkFighting.com covering behind the scenes

Jarrel Miller getting his hands wrapped with NewYorkFighting.com covering behind the scenes


McCreary tried to use his elusive style and herky jerky “side to side” footwork to befuddle Brooklyn’s Champion, but as foretold by NewYorkFighting.com the Big Baby would not be denied and utilized his tracking jab to line up his opponent for punishing straight right hands to the head and sweeping left hooks to the body. Although the Bulldog floated like a butterfly, he could not sting like a bee with his overhand right and Miller was able to smother the B

ulldog’s attacks and tie him up on the inside. Miller’s relentless forward pressure and his ability to cut off the ring successfully trapped his opponent like a firefly in a jar. The result was as expected, a 2nd round stoppage with the outsider succumbing to the heavy body attack.

Big Baby landing a devastating body shot on Damon McCreary. Photo Credit Anthony B Geathers

Big Baby landing a devastating body shot on Damon McCreary.
Photo Credit Anthony B Geathers


When NewYorkFighting.com last spoke with Mr. Miller, he indicated that he was fighting regularly. Not once or twice a year like the current flock of “prima donna” boxers, but old school.
My interview with Jarrell illuminated the following.

AA: Does your team have a big name for the near future? A particular fight for the end of the year or early next year?

BB: Yeah.. Keeping my eye on that English European olympic dude. Yeah I got my sights on Anthony Joshua. I definitely… I want to chin check him. I don’t like him!

AA: Hey, hey! Wait a minute that guy is a monster!! Look what he did to Kevin Johnson. He (Kevin) was never knocked out. No one knocked out Johnson before.

BB: They paid that dude to take a fall. I don’t like him (Kevin Johnson) I want to knock him and Anthony Joshua out. I don’t like that dude, I want to knock his block off. Maybe I will go after Chris Arreola when I get to that 18 or 19-0.

AA: WOW! He is supposed to be the next big guy. They were trying to get a big name after this particular fight. WOW!! it seems to me that your statement says you guys are on collision course. Can you say why you don’t like him?

BB: I just think he is a fraud. I mean it. People just want someone to jump behind. He don’t scare me…. he is not that fast and all his fights…. The guys… he never really knocked out anybody…. the referee just jumps in and stops the fight after they take a couple jabs to the face. I don’t like him. They asked last year when I went to Floyd fight, what do I think of Anthony Joshua. I said I never heard of him. I said I will Google him, then knock him out. So now I really have to knock him out. I just don’t like him that that’s it.

Let me switch the subject before I get you mad. You see PBC getting on network TV. Are you or your team doing anything regarding that?

BB: They are working, they are working on stuff… we are on CBS Sports on June 26th. But for me the main thing is the record. I promised myself I was not going to call anybody out until I was 18, 19-0. But I am getting tired of watching all these guys getting all this limelight and they cant fight worth a sh**t.
I told you I cant stand Joshua, I will fight him tomorrow. My objective is to get up there to stay as active as I can.


AA: Would you be willing to go to England to fight him?

BB: That would be something that we need to negotiate. The contract will have to be really really good. I mean I will knock him out regardless. But it depends upon where the big money is gonna be at… definitely HBO should pick it up.

AA: Nice, nice. Now what is your team… A lot of fighters have not gotten sponsorship deals. Is that something your team is talking about? What about sponsorship deals?

BB: Yeah we have been talking to a couple of local guys. Nothing major yet. Nothing regarding equipment yet, just little stuff so far. I know Nike and Reebok are stepping their game up so we are not closing the door on it but nothing major.

AA: So the only thing solid is your June fights and nothing after that. You are hoping for 18,19-0 before you will start calling people out… so is Joshua the main person in your cross hairs right now?

BB: Yeah, Joshua and Chris Arreola. Those are the two guys to me that are the gatekeepers. But I don’t need only gatekeepers, I need people who can sell tickets.

AA: Exactly, so I know you are doing these interviews to build your brand. We know that Cotto could have vanished a long time ago but he has such a strong Puerto Rican fan base so he is around. That can also be said for Malinaggi and Judah.

With that being said, on June 26th Brooklyn’s own returns again to take on Excell Holmes at the Hard Rock Café and Casino at Seneca Niagra Casino, Niagra Falls NY. This performance for Championship Boxing, will be televised on CBS Sports.    Excell Homes, from Buffalo New York, is a large man with power but somewhat suspect chin as evidenced by his less than stellar record. Holmes who happens to look alot like the former heavyweight champion Bermane Stiverne comes with a 2-5-1 record. Unlike Stiverne who is both sturdy and powerful, Excell is not the biggest puncher but a very mobile fighter who makes good use of his reach and his jab. Unlike Miller’s previous opponent who was only 5’11”, Holmes is 6’2” and therefore will present Miller with a matchup where Miller’s height is not as much of an advantage. NewYorkFighting.com expects that Big Baby will use Holmes to get his work in, break a sweat, and then break him down in cool fashion. As usual the Big Baby gets what he wants and what he wants here is another knockout to send the message that there is only one – King of Brooklyn! Big Baby Miller!!

Check out our behind the scenes video recap of Big Baby Miller‘s fight for Brooklyn Brawl at the Paramount Theater



Jarrell “BigBaby” Miller fights Friday, June 26 on CBS Sports for Championship Boxing






Written by NewYorkFighting.com Boxing contributer Adrian Anthony

Editor: Kyle Antonelli

Video: Manny Santiago

Video Edit: Sophia Laurelli

NYF Intern/PA: James Moise





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