September 17, 2015 6:51 pm

Behind the Fighter: Andre “The Bull” Harrison



In this edition of Behind the Fighter,  New York Fighting met up with Andre “The Bull” Harrison recently, at his childhood home in Freeport, NY. We took a walk through his old house, spoke about how much it’s changed and how he will buy it one day, then sat on the front porch to talk.  Currently, Andre is the Titan Fighting Championship featherweight Champion, with goals of become the UFC featherweight Champ one day as well.  First, step towards that goal comes as his first title defense, which is set for this Saturday at TitanFC 35 in Ridgefield, WA. The fights will air live on UFC Fight Pass at 8pm/ET. We spoke with Andre about his early years growing up on Long Island, what wrestling did for him, and what it’s like to be a Champion of TitanFC.

Check out our interview with “The Bull


Video – Matt Culley & Sophia Laurelli

Video Edit – Sofia Laurelli

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