July 21, 2016 10:30 am

Behind the Fighter: Heather Hardy


NewYorkFighting.com recently sat down to speak with undefeated pro boxer Heather “The Heat” Hardy.  We didn’t meet her at Gleason’s or some other boxing gym, we found her in Garden City, Long Island at Longo and Weidman MMA.  Here she was working on wrestling takedowns and defense with coaches Tony Ricci and James Franco.  Considering the current surge in interest and promotional dollars behind women’s MMA, and the lack of both in women’s boxing, transitioning into MMA seems like a logical decision for those with the skill set, and/or courage to do so.  Luckily for Heather Hardy, she posseses both these qualities. Find out her thoughts on this and her future in fighting in our interview below.


Behind the Fighter: Heather Hardy 



Special Thanks to: Heather Hardy, Tony Ricci, Ray Longo, Jamie Franco, Law MMA

Video/Edit: Matt Culley

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