May 11, 2017 7:19 am

Behind the Fighter: Jared Gordon



When you read a comeback story, you watch your hero go through trials and tribulations. They fall and rise, battle the outside world and their inner demons. The tale usually ends when the hero has picked themselves up one final time–after the most devastating of all experience. They slashed the last head of their monster and were able to live their happy endings.

But did you ever wonder what happened after the book ends? If another thing were to occur, that would tear your protagonist’s life apart once more? That’s life, after all. We have problems, we deal with them, and continue on until the next one arises. So does the hero really remain a hero if you don’t know how they continue to handle their challenges?

Jared “Flash” Gordon is the kind of character you’d read about in a book. He’s a multitude of things–reserved but friendly, focused but aware, the kind of person who will always be smiling, until it’s time to take a picture. He’s still on his journey, and has lost some of the battles that have came across his path. However, he won his war–a painful, all-encompassing drug addiction that literally once took his life. The story should end when he beat his addiction and when he accomplished his dream of being signed to one of the major fighting promotions in the world, the UFC.

But for Jared Gordon, his story’s only just begun.


Videographer/Director: Isang Smith – @IsangSmith  

Interviewer/Producer: Pari Aryafar – @PariUnderTheSea

Executive Producer: Matt Culley – @Matthew.Culley

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