September 17, 2021 9:58 am

Fighters of New York: Brian Parpan


written by Joseph Doria III


The journey to become a professional kickboxer is a very tough and demanding challenge. It not only requires an immense amount of skill and preparation but also the will to keep moving when things don’t go according to plan. Kickboxer Brian Parpan knows about these trails, and he is the prepared to reach the top. At the age of 12, he fell in love with the sport of kickboxing because of his Aunt, and never looked back. Later on, Parpan joined Bellmore Kickboxing & MMA, to train under coach Keith Trimble, and he’s been there ever since. Once he found his home at Bellmore Kickboxing & MMA , he was able to reach his full potential and truly grow as a fighter. 


Recently on June 18th, Brian fought against a challenging opponent in Eugene Leusenko. Parpan diploid his improved skillset, and won via decision. When asked about how he felt going into the fight, he said, “I was nervous like always but I felt confident and knew that I trained hard, with the best guys around”. Parpan was able to conquer his nerves and win his tough fight. Because of his immense amount of training, he knew that he was well prepared and could conquer anyone that he faced. In preparation for this fight, Parpan focused on himself and not the man across the ring. “I focus on my thing and it doesn’t matter who the other guy is” says Parpan. This mentality allows him to focus on his growth and become the best fighter possible. Not only was Parpan’s victory a monumental moment that night, but this was one of the first times that fans were allowed to be in attendance. Due to the coronavirus pandemic that plagued the world, fans were restricted from seeing the sport that they held so close to their heart. When they returned that night, Parpan was overjoyed. “It was awesome to have the fans there … It was crazy. All the fans were right next to the cage” stated Parpan. Even though the fans returning was amazing for the sport, Parpan focuses on the man in front of him. He has the ability to block out the rest of the outside world, and focus on being the best fighter he can be.


After this recent victory, Parpan is taking it one fight at a time. When asked about what is next in store for him, Parpan responded, “Just another fight. Whenever they call me and tell me they got one”. Parpan focuses on one fight at a time. He doesn’t look far into the future but what is directly in front of him, ready to take it on with 110% of his effort. This allows him to be prepared for anything and anyone that is in his way. Later on, Parpan would love to try other types of fighting such as MMA and boxing, but he wants to stick with kickboxing. His dedication and passion to this wonderful sport keeps him going and will bring him to the top of his division.

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Every fighter encounters challenges on their road to success. Whether they keep going after facing these obstacles, makes them the champion that they truly are. For Parpan, when he encounters barriers, he looks at the other fighters that he trains with. “Seeing all the guys that I’m surrounded by at the gym like Gregor Gillespie, Adam Kownacki, and Andre Harrison. It motivates me to see how well they are doing. If I’m doing the same things as them, I can get there too” stated Parpan. These very successful fighters inspire him to be the very best. He trains with most elite fighters on the planet and this motivates him to become the best fighter he can be no matter what obstacles that he faces. The people that support Parpan also inspire him to keep going. Parpan stated, “I see how much the people around me believe in me and put time into me. If they believe in me, I might as well keep going”. Even when he does face monumental challenges, Parpan does not quit or back down. He takes on any challenge and will not give up until he succeeds. 

The future is bright for Brian Parpan. He is now scheduled to fight on Oct 16 in Coney Island, NY.


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