May 17, 2018 8:31 am

Five…Six Questions with…Frank Rosenthal


written by Dave Patton

Born and raised in New City, NY an upstate town by the Hudson river, 18 miles from New York City,Frank Rosenthal is definitely a “local guy done good.”  An eight year veteran of BJJ competitions, this highly active competitor has made a name for himself on  the local scene. Frank trains at the legendary Renzo Gracie Academy in Manhattan, primarily under the auspices of  John Danaher and Doug Pelinkovic. Frank trains along side of accomplished BJJ competitors such as Gordon Ryan, Gary Tonon, Eddie Cummings, and Nicky Ryan as well as fellow RISE competitors, and Serra BJJ standouts Jason Rau and Nick Ronan. 


 Frank was already training Jiu Jitsu when he attended East Stroudsburg University, where he studied Health/Physical Education, and even found time wrestle for the school for one season. Upon his graduation in 2013, Frank returned to New York to continue his Jiu Jitsu training and competition. Along with working as an instructor at the Renzo Gracie affiliate in Bayside Queens,  Frank is an incredibly active competitor and has been since being a white belt. Frank is a returning RISE veteran having won the inaugural 145 pound tournament. He is also a Kasai Super fight Champion, and owns a victory over Chad George, the EBI and Bellator standout. 


Name: Frank Rosenthal

Age: 27

Team: Renzo Gracie NYC

Rank: Brown Belt

Years training: 8

  1. How did you get your start with Brazilian Jiu Jitsu?

    “A friend of mine started training, showed me a couple arm locks- and I was hooked.”

  2. Other than your Instructor, who would be your dream private lesson? 

–  “Mackenzie Dern ; )

 3. What is your favorite technique/position/series?   

–  “Back attacks “

 4. Prefer Gi or No Gi and why?

– “I prefer nog. The rule set truly allows for submissions on the entire body and is a more fan friendly style as well.”

 5. People would be surprised to know...

– “I am a returning Rise Invitational Featherweight tournament Champion. Looking to claim 2 titles in 2 different weight classes which has not been done yet.”

 6. How has Brazilian Jiu Jitsu affected your life?

–   “Jiu Jitsu has affected my life in a lot of ways. One thing that I like is that Jiu Jitsu is unforgiving. Bad movements don’t work on skilled opponents. And good movements do. So I like the fact that you can’t fake this. It’s the most real thing in the world. The constant problem solving always gives us something to work towards.”

  Frank will be competing in a 4 Man, 135lb Tournament at the Rise Invitational 4, this May 18.  for more information, head to



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