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Friday Night Fights 8/11 Recap

FNF 8-11-17 FIGHT 03 LOGO (30 of 47)

Friday Night Fights put one of their best cards of the year thus far with this explosive event that passed this past Friday. With 15-second knockouts, incredible bouts, and close decisions, the night went quickly with amazing fights. Westchester Fight Club coach Primo Bellarosa commentated alongside Ariel Agami, while New York Fighting’s Pari Aryafar (@pariunderthesea) and NYC’s favorite photographer Josh Brandenburg (@drinkandsmilenow) were on hand to catch all the action.

115 lb

Andrea Austin–Chok Sabai v Carolann Budhu–Sitan Gym NY

In R1 Austin came in aggressively, making it hard for Budhu to answer. She kept a succession of punches and kicks but Budhu quickly got her into clinch and then worked her jab. Austin’s strategy was to pressure forward, moving Budhu around the ring and teeping her into the ground. Austin continued to land punches on Budhu from various angles, staying active on the canvas. Budhu would leave her jab out for a second too long, along Austin to counter with her own punches. R2 Budhu began kicking and looked for low kicks. She started to move her head out of the way of Austin’s punches and began landing kicks on her midsection. Budhu began working a combination as well rather than just 1-2 punches. Austin continued to pressure but had difficulty landing as many as she had originally due to Budhu’s new movement. However she continued to teep her opponent back and land crosses, but Budhu began throwing a lead hook that knocked Austin’s head back several times. In R3 Austin used her length to keep Budhu at bay as Budhu worked to close the distance. She would teep than cross or spinning back fist. Budhu would kick to the midsection and then move, leaving Austin with air to answer to. However, Austin’s pressure was still significant and she maintained ringcraft. Budhu emphasized boxing in the last half of the round, trying to close the distance.

Winner by Unanimous Decision–Andrea Austin

FNF 8-11-17 FIGHT 01 LOGO (68 of 82)

112 lb Glory Rules

JC Moran–Crom v Max Zharov–Borodine Gym

Moran landed the first punch as Zharov came with a flurry of punches. He came swinging and attempted a backfist but Moran caught him into a clinch and sweeped him. Moran put the pressure on him as he cornered Zharov, maintaining ringcraft. Zharov pressured forward once more, allowing Moran to sweep him once again. Zharov landed a strike to the face that momentarily knocked Moran back, but Moran continued to press forward with jab-cross combinations. Zharov once again tried to do a spinning backfist, but Moran took advantage to close the distance. In R2 Zharov used his length to keep back, but Moran closed distance and landed his combinations once again. Moran push kicked Zharov into the ground and pressured him into the ropes once more with his jab-cross-push kick. With a boxers style, Moran, ducked and weaved as Zharov attempted to box him. The two tangled in clinch for a few seconds, but Moran managed to push him back into the ropes once more. R3 Moran put even more pressure, kicking to the thigh and the head, pushing Zharov into the ropes and landing kicks to the midsection and thighs. Moran would kick Zharov onto the ropes and then hit him again as the ropes propelled him forward. Moran landed a cross that stunned Zharov and forced ref Chris Wagner to give Zharov count. As soon as Zharov came back into the center, Moran knocked him down. Zharov worked more kicks, but Moran finished the bout strong with his boxing and head movement.

Winner by Unanimous Decision: JC Moran

FNF 8-11-17 FIGHT 02 LOGO (21 of 31)

FNF Amateur Super Middleweight Title Terrell Harewood–UFC Gym v Skye Soderberg–Pride Martial Arts

The two took a few seconds to engage, but Harewood knocked Soderberg down immediately. Harewood maintained distance and worked his boxing with alternating body shots and head shots, cornering Soderberg into his corner on and on the ropes. With only 22 seconds into the first round, Harewood knocked Soderberg out into the ropes with an overhand right, stunned and unconscious.

Winner by KO: Terrell Harewood

FNF 8-11-17 FIGHT 03 LOGO (24 of 47)

135 lbs

Chris Rodriguez–Estevez Muay Thai v James Kerivan–Broadway Muay Thai

Kerivan initiated the kicks and swept Rodriguez right away. He continued to pressure on but Rodriguez’s kicks were fast and to the body. Kerivan looked for another sweep and started working knees but Rodriguez was able to control the clinch. Rodriguez went for a head kick but got his foot caught in the ropes, allowing Kerivan to strike. Rodriguez was then able to land another head kick and began pressing forward with knees and elbows, keeping Kerivan on the ropes. Kerivan teeped Rodriguez to fall back onto the canvas and swept him once more just as the bell sounded. In R2 the two went leg kick for leg kick but quickly became entangled in clinch. Rodriguez went for a lock kick and then clinch, keeping Kerivan onto the ropes as the two exchanged knees. Rodriguez cornered Kerivan and worked the body with knees as Kerivan retaliated with his own. Kerivan continued to knee even as Rodriguez kept him on the ropes. Rodriguez searched for an elbow but, Kerivan answered with one first. Rodriguez threw a high kick, with both men falling in the process. R3 Rodriguez looked for another head kick but the two began clinching once more. Kerivan was able to sweep, once as Rodriguez threw a high kick, would move, and then answer with a boxing combo. Rodriguez started to cut down Kerivan’s lead leg with kicks and pressured him into a cornered nearly pushing him out of the ring. Rodriguez continued to cut the leg as Kerivan searched for an opening to sweep or jab. As Rodriguez would kick closely, Kerivan would occasionally be able to land a jab on his head.

Winner by Unanimous Decision–James Kerivan

FNF 8-11-17 FIGHT 04 LOGO (69 of 77)

125 lbs

Ak Sinha–Chok Sabai v Eliel Rios–North Jersey Muay Thai

Sinha moved quickly, shooting off a lead kick and a punching combo. Rios was able to answer with his own striking, landing several on Sinha’s head, but kept his hands very low and was swept almost immediately.  Sinha then went for a low kick then alternated with a high kick, moving actively on the ring and changing directions. Rios focused more on his boxing, trying to stay in a closer range to strike. However, Sinha was taller and used his kicks to discourage Rios from entering in his distance. Rios’s low hands and tendency to not protect his head when he kicked resulted in Sinha allowing to land several more punches to the center of his face. In R2 Sinha kept Rios in the center of the ring as he stayed just out of distance from Rios’s punches. Rios was able to land some low kicks but threw them from too close of a range. Sinha was light on his feet even as Rios put pressure, and would continue to kick low, kick high, then look for an opening to punch. Rios appeared more in control during this round, pressuring Sinha back onto the ropes. R3 Rios continued to close the distance as Sinha attempted to keep him at back with his low kicks and punches. He teeped then went for a low kick, and swept Rios as he threw a body kick. Sinha threw a kick to the body but Rios’s boxing was now stronger and landing on the chin of a fatigued Sinha. The two continued their strategy of Sinha throwing primarily kicks and Rios closing the distance to punch, adding a low kick to finish his combination.

Winner by Split Decision–Eliel Rios

FNF 8-11-17 FIGHT 05 LOGO (52 of 70)

175 lbs

Anthony Durden–MK Muay Thai v Alan Gutierrez–Jersey City Kickboxing

Gutierrez immediately came in with a flurry of power hooks and crosses, with Durden attempting to retaliate. However, within 15 seconds of the first round, Gutierrez knocked Durden out with a clean overhand right, leaving his opponent motionless on the canvas.

Winner by KO: Alan Gutierrez

FNF 8-11-17 FIGHT 06 LOGO (13 of 28)

FNF Amateur Welterweight Full Rules

Sydney Kang–Estevez Muay Thai v Adrian Farias–Team Thunder

Kang caught Farias teep and attacked his standing leg. Farias came in and was able to sweep Kang. He then cornered Kang and did a jab-cross combo in quick succession. Kang was able to pressure him back and land a spinning back elbow. Kang then caught his teep again and attacked the standing leg. He briefly clutched with Farias and landed several knees, knocking Farias to the ground. Kang alternated kicks to the body from left and right, as Farias worked his pressure with jabs. In R2 Farias teeped once more But Kang worked slowly to drive him into the corner to clinch. As he tried to kick, Farias was able to land shots to his face. However Kang upped his pressure and completed a spinning back elbow, then proceeded to kick Farias around the ring, landing another spinning back elbow. Farias would throw a straight and powerful cross, but that did not deter Kang’s ringcraft or pressure. He would catch Farias’s teeps then kick the body, and pushed Farias back to the ground when he attempted a forward push kick. In R3 Kang worked a lot of pressure, transitions from the far distance of kicking to closing the distance to enter his knees. As Farias swung for a cross, Kang moved so that he would miss and landed a hook. Kang worked the body with body kicks and knees, then going to the body once more with his crosses. He landed several more elbows as he cornered Farias, then would grab him to land a knee. Farias continued to walk backward but landed two crosses straight down onto Kang’s head. In R4 Kang at first approached cautiously, looking for an opening, but then found several to throw his kicks and elbows. His leg once more got caught on the ropes, allowing Farias to throw his cross and land. Kang placed Farias into a corner with his clinch and kneed and elbowed, working an already exhausted Farias. Kang moved him into another corner with his knees, landing a strike that placed Farias against the ropes. Farias would attack with a burst of energy with his teeps and crosses, but was still no match for Kang’s unwavering technique. In R5 Kang was incredibly dominant, not allowing Farias to answer any of his strikes. He kept an efficient clinch, landing elbows and then would break distance to land a body kick. Kang set off several crosses that knocked Farias back, causing him to shell up, as Kang pressured on with punches. Kang landed several knees and a head kick just as the bell sounded.

Winner by Unanimous Decision: Sydney Kang

FNF 8-11-17 FIGHT 07 LOGO (67 of 83)

FNF Amateur Super Middleweight Full Rules

Bryan Burgos–Kings Combat Fitness v Pat Kirby–Broadway Muay Thai

Kirby immediately initiated clinch and tried to pressure Burgos against the ropes. After being broken up by ref Joel Bekker, the two engaged in clinch once more, only to be broken up again. Burgos kicked Kirby’s body, but was swept into clinch once more as he worked his knees. The much taller Kirby staggered his body against Burgos as Burgos kneed his opponent’s legs. In R2 Kirby initiated a low kick and then a teep before Burgos used a double collar tie in clinch. Despite a significant height disadvantage, Burgos was able to muscle Kirby around the ring in clinch, holding tight to his body. The two fought for dominant position as they traveled against the ropes. Kirby pressed Burgos back and kneed upward before landing several punches to the face and midsection. Burgos looked for opening to kick the body and land an elbow in their close range. In R3 the two immediately engaged in clinch, with Kirby pressing Burgos against the ropes. However Burgos was able to land an elbow and several knees, continuing to work, even as he was clamped within Kirby’s grip. As Kirby attempted to muscle Burgos back, Burgos continued to clinch the knees and the stomach, leaving Kirby to try to fight for position over answering back. Near the end of R3 he was able to land a few knees, but Burgos answered back with several punches and a swift kick to the behind as the bell sounded and Kirby walked away disorientated. In R4 as Kirby searched to clinch once more, Burgos answered with his elbows, leaving enough space to disengage and jab-cross. The bout became increasingly more bloody to a cut on Burgos head but he knocked Kirby back against the ropes and swept him to the ground shortly afterwards. The two dueled in a corner as Burgos elbowed and kneed his opponent, swinging Kirby wildly against the ropes as he fell once more. Burgos then threw another cross that knocked Kirby down to the ground, and beckoned for his opponent to get back up as he backed away. With only seconds left in the round, Burgos kneed and elbowed Kirby until referee Joel Bekker broke them up for the bell. In R5 Burgos pressed Kirby against the ropes, landing right hooks and knees, not giving Kirby any opportunity to answer. However, Kirby made space and landed a few jab-crosses before closing the distance for clinch. Burgos broke the distance and uppercutted and hooked Kirby, forcing Kirby to be counted once more. Burgos was out for blood as he continued to uppercut and elbow Kirby against the ropes, holding his body against the ropes and landing crosses to his midsection. Kirby swung wildly as Burgos landed uppercuts and knees until the final bell.

Winner by Unanimous Decision: Bryan Burgos

FNF 8-11-17 FIGHT 08 LOGO (65 of 76)

190 lbs

Devere Jones–Estevez Muay Thai v Kenny “Juggernaut” Jones–Stay Fly Muay Thai

Devere worked his boxing in an explosive round, as he teeped and then jab-crossed. The two men worked quickly as Kenny searched for an opening to knee and kick. Kenny kept Devere against his corner for clinch but Devere continued to move and then kick. As Devere looked for farther distance strikes, Lenny wanted to close the distance and kept most of the round in clinch. Near the end of the round, Devere broke the distance to land a powerful cross. In R2 Kenny began the round with a kick and tried to close the distance once more with knees. An accidental shot to the groin interrupted the action as Devere needed some time to recover. Kenny would throw a low kick then jab-cross. Devere looked to catch his kicks but was kicked in the head and knocked to the ground. Kenny took advantage of his opponent’s stunned state to attack him with punches and elbows to the face as Devere was hardly able to respond. In R3 Kenny immediately attacked with low kicks and then was  swept by Devere, who then initiated flying knees. Kenny did a high kick to the head once more, stunning Devere, who continued to press on and worked in clinch. Devere caught the kick once more and landed a cross, then completed a flying knee, and held Kenny in clinch. Kenny landed another kick to the head, but Devere pressed on and held tight in clinch. In R4 Devere was aware of his distance and worked his footwork to stay out of Kenny’s range. Kenny then would jab twice to kick, then landed another head kick. Devere was able to sweep him to the ground by catching his kick but Kenny continued to attack his face with straight jabs. Kenny continued his strategy of landing high kicks before Devere did a flying knee. Devere picked how his energy and landed jabs and crosses before cutting an angle to get out of the way. In R5 Kenny tested the waters to set up for a final head kick but Devere moved around the ring to land his own punches and another flying knee. As Kenny searched for an opening, Devere took the opportunity to land his strikes on his face and then close into clinch. Kenny would now jab twice and then cross, but as he left his body open, Devere would attack and land blows to the body with knees and kicks. The final seconds ended with both men in clinch, kneeing and fighting for position.

Winner by Majority Decision–Kenny Jones

FNF 8-11-17 FIGHT 09 LOGO (48 of 79)

Writer: Pari Aryafar (@pariunderthesea)

Photos: Josh Brandenburg (@drinkandsmilenow,

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