September 28, 2017 9:01 pm

Lion Fight 38 Weigh-Ins Complete

NYF_Lions Fight4

The New York Fighting team made their way to Connecticut for the premier Muay Thai promotion Lion Fight’s event, held at Foxwoods Theater. On the card are several top New York Muay Thai fighters, including Renzo Gracie’s Elijah Clarke and Anderson’s Martial Arts Academy Brett Hlavacek. Reporter Pari Aryafar and photographer Hayley Ellen Day were on hand to catch the weigh-in action, and will be at the event Friday evening with coverage. Weigh-in photos below, courtesy of Hayley Ellen Day.

Line-up is as follows:

Main Event: Welterweight title, Matous Kohout (38-9) v Regian Eersel (46-4)

Co-main Event: Light Heavyweight, Juan Jackson (9-1) v Elijah Clarke (6-1)

Pro Main Card

Flyweight, Dani Fall (12-1) v Silvia La Notte (61-13-1)

Cruiserweight, Timothy Woods (8-1) v Brett Hlavacek (17-5)

Lightweight, Jonathan George (2-2) v Jafar Toshev (1-0)

Super Cruiserweight, Robert Morrow (Pro Debut) v Steve Walker (1-)


Pro bouts

Super Middleweight, Cris Mims (Pro Debut) v Brian Bogue (Pro Debut)

Super Lightweight, Jessi Hackett (Pro Debut) v Yeison Berdugo (1-3)

Amateur bouts

Light Heavyweight, Hector Andres Acosta v J. Lucky Henry

Middleweight, Nalton McLaughlin v Shawn Ellis

Middleweight, Shaun Shubert v Miguel Cadiz

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Writer: Pari Aryafar (@pariunderthesea)

Photos: Hayley Ellen Day (@hayleyellenday)

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