April 13, 2018 11:11 am

Unstoppable: Jennie Nedell


written by Nick Shimkin 


        Competing this upcoming Friday at Lou Neglia’s Battle of the Millennium 5, experienced kickboxer Jennie Nedell has been fighting some of the best fighters in the sport for years. A three-fight veteran of Glory kickboxing, Nedell is looking to get back to Madison Square Garden to once again showcase her skills on the big stage. In order to get there, she must face off against Chantal Perry from 5 Points Muay Thai, who is stepping up on 3 weeks’ notice to complete the trilogy with Nedell, which they have split 1-1 in competitive fights. Nedell said, “I was supposed to fight Ashley Nee, but she pulled out and now I have Chantal. We’ve split one to one but I really think I won the last one. No disrespect to her at all, she is an excellent fighter, I just truly believe I should have gotten the win. Usually an opponent change is an obstacle but I don’t have to cut any weight and I know my opponent well so it worked out.”

        As a member of the LAW MMA fight team, trained by Ray Longo, Jennie is surrounded by a group of excellent fighters and coaches, all with the same goal. “I have a ton of support and my close circle is indescribable. It’s true that you’re a product of your environment and I am incredibly lucky.” Nedell is an integral member of the fight team and shares a special bond with Ray Longo. She stated, “Ray is one of my best friends. I have trust in him that he is pushing me for the right reasons and he has helped ground me in so many different ways. Things both inside and out of the ring.” In addition to the array of skilled fighters from LAW, Nedell has spent much time sparring with 19-year-old Mia Inzirillo out of Bellmore Kickboxing and speaks very high of the young fighter. “Mia is a different level athlete. She’s what all little girls should strive to be. She is just a genuine human being. Her and her coach Jaqs are like family to me.”

        Nedell has faced tremendous adversity, both in fighting and in life. She tragically lost her father in the September 11th terrorist attacks when he heroically went back into the towers to rescue others. She recounted, “I had my first fight on Neglia’s show at the Vanderbilt in March 2001 but then I lost my dad on 9/11 and took a few years off. I came back because I knew he wouldn’t have wanted me to quit. I had to fight as hard as I can for as long as I can and get as far as I can. Reaching Glory at MSG, I know he’s smiling.” Nedell’s goal is to make it back to that stage and she is willing to do whatever it takes to get there. She is defying her age and is looking to make the most of her long, seasoned career.

        For this upcoming fight, Nedell says that she has a renewed love and passion for fighting. This came as a result of the inspiring performance put on by teammate Al Iaquinta who stepped up on one day’s notice to fight Khabib Nurmagomedov at UFC 223, and took the feared Russian for five rounds. “When I saw that fight, it lit a fire in me. That is what the sport is all about and it made me realize why I love it.” Jennie plans to take this momentum from her team into her fight and use it to put on a career performance.

        New York Fighting gives a special thank you to Jennie for the interview and we wish her luck in her upcoming fight. She will be fighting at Lou Neglia’s Battle of the Millennium 5, Friday, April 13th at The Master Theatre in Brooklyn, New York.



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