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Warrior’s Cup 30 Recap

Warriors Cup 30 04 4-5 star watermark (25 of 56)



With an elbow heard around the world, Kate Allen of 8 Limbs Muay Thai academy in Philadelphia closed out the night of an amazing show. Warrior’s Cup 30 in Flushing, Queens highlighted some of the best and brightest in the East Coast Muay Thai scene. 15 fights were put on at the Queen’s Theatre–an unusual venue to hold a ring. It felt as though the audience was watching a play in their stacked seats. A show was definitely put on, with several bouts vying for the “Fight of the Night”.

The theater was packed and completely sold out–many were still waiting outside to get in up until the very last fight. Teammates and family kept each other posted on the results via text messages, Facebook updates, or the occasional runner to let a group know whether to be cheerful or somber. New York Fighting was on hand, tracking every punch, kick, knee, and elbow. Full results are listed below, along with Josh Brandenburg’s (@drinkandsmilenow) highlight photos of the night.

Super Middleweight Bout

Daniel “Smooth” Santiago–Maisonets/Iron Rooster Gym (1-1) vs. Zack Ferris–8 Limbs Muay Thai (2-0)

Winner by 3rd Round TKO: Zack Ferris

Warriors Cup 4-5 watermark (24 of 152)

Middleweight Bout

Victor De La Cruz–Square Circle Muay Thai (1-0) vs. Raphael Angobaldo–RingSport Muay Thai (0-1)

Winner by Split Decision: Victor De La Cruz



Welterweight Bout

Dionys “El Tigre” Dume–Rajasi Muay Thai (3-2) vs. “Furious” George Pitskais–Rami Elite (6-0)

Winner by Unanimous Decision: George Pitskais George Pitskais



Super Featherweight Bout

Nick “Razor” Rossman–Level Up Boxing (4-6) vs. Ron King Jr.–Yamasaki Academy (10-9)

Winner by Unanimous Decision: Ron King Jr.


Light Heavyweight Bout

Elvin Johnson–Rajasi Muay Thai (5-2-1) vs. Sean “Woody” Woodham–Jai Su Gym (5-5)

Winner by Unanimous Decision: Elvin Johnson


Welterweight Bout

Dillan Joucoo–Five Points Academy (9-5) vs. Ethan Geffen–RingSport Muay Thai (8-3)

Winner by Unanimous Decision: Ethan Geffen


Super Welterweight Bout

Kaleb Hunter–8 Point Muay Thai (15-1) vs. Adama Aubry–8 Limbs Muay Thai (12-5-2)

Winner by Majority Decision: Kaleb Hunter


Middleweight WC Title Defense

Frank “Chopper” Wells–The Institute (9-4) vs. Remi Singh–Sitan Gym (16-6)

Winner by Majority Decision and New: Remi Singh


Bantamweight WC Title Bout

Aracely Valenzuela–8 Point Muay Thai (20-5) vs. Anne Lieberman–Renzo Gracie Academy (9-4)

Winner by Unanimous Decision and New: Aracely Valenzuela


Super Middleweight WC Title

Gary “Silverback” Mack–Level Up Boxing (7-0) vs. Ramon “Machine” Maldanado–MK Muay Thai (8-4)

Winner by Majority Decision and New: Gary Mack


Featherweight USMTA Title

Ricardo Mixco–Crazy 88 (9-2) vs. Joel Esteves–Sitan Gym (11-4)

Winner by Majority Decision and New: Ricardo Mixco


Welterweight WC Title Defense

Rob “Goblin” Lin–The Wat (11-7) vs. Adam “Highly Illegal” McCann–8 Limbs Muay Thai (14-5-2)

Winner by Unanimous Decision and New: Adam McCann


Super Middleweight WC Title Defense

John “T-1,000” Esposito–The Institute (5-6) vs. Bryan “The Bear” Burgos–Kings Combat Fitness (8-3)

Winner by Unanimous Decision and Still: Bryan Burgos


Welterweight USMTA Title Bout

Mark Anthony Marrero–Renzo Gracie Academy (10-4) vs. Chris Tapia–Weapons 9 Gym (10-9)

Winner by Unanimous Decision and New: Mark Anthony Marrero

warror cup mark watermark (45 of 56)

Super Welterweight USMTA Title Defense

John “Johnny Love” Pina–Ardon Sweet Science (20-4) vs. Chanon Kuldraree–Stamford Fight Club (12-5)

Winner by Majority Decision and Still: Chanon Kuldraree

Warriors Cup 30 04 4-5 star watermark (44 of 56)

Super Bantamweight WC Title Bout

Erin “Dr. Doom” Jimenez–Level Up Boxing (13-7) vs. Kate “The Beast from the Northeast” Allen–8 Limbs Muay Thai (9-3-1)

Winner by Unanimous Decision and New: Kate Allen

Warriors Cup 30 04 4-5 star watermark (55 of 56)


Fight Coverage: Pari Aryafar

Photos: Joshua Brandenburg


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