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June 22, 2016

Behind the Fighter: Jared Gordon

“You can’t do anything to me that I haven’t already dealt with!” Those are powerful words from a man who in one article was named ‘The unbreakable man.” That man’s name is Jared Gordon. Mention that name to people who... View Article

June 18, 2016

Friday Night Fights: Results

Friday Night Fights  1.Full Rules Muay Thai 155lbs (Red Corner) UFC Gym, NYC 3-1 Terrell Harewood .vs. (Blue Corner) Sitan, Queens, NY 6-3 Nick Doucette Unanimous Decision Winner – Harewood 2. Glory Rules Muay Thai 140lbs (Red Corner) Team Thunder,... View Article

June 15, 2016

Behind the Fighter: Marcos “Loro” Galvao

Marcos “Loro” Galvao has a birthday coming up in a few days. What would be the best gift? He says, “Winning this title defense against Dantas.” The Brazilian is Bellator’s Bantamweight champ, and he has a very busy week ahead... View Article

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June 13, 2016

Battle of the Millennium 3: Recap

New York’s kickboxing fans were treated to another night of action on Friday, June 10, when Lou Neglia and Artyom Sahakyan presented Battle of the Millennium 3 at the Master Theater in Brooklyn. The event as a whole delivered several action-packed... View Article

June 11, 2016

Battle of the Millennium 3: Results

Battle of the Millennium 3 Fight 1: Anthony Dilemme (Longo Comp Team) def. Mike Casill (Alpha Omega) Fight 2: Taneisha Tennant (Budokan) def. Kathleen Paiva (North Jersey MMA) by KO R1 Fight 3: Raquane Alexander (Longo Comp Team) def. Zackery... View Article

June 10, 2016

Fighters of New York: Mia Inzirillo

As high school graduation season sneaks up on seniors, most have already chosen their future colleges when severe cases of senioritis begin to set in. While many students are winding down their high school careers, our subject in this edition... View Article

June 8, 2016

Behind the Fighter: Dre The Bull

Andre Harrison, aka Dre The Bull sat down with NewYorkfighting.com to discuss his upcoming featherweight title defense for Titan Fighting Championships. Dre is undefeated in Mixed Martial Arts competition, and says he feels better than ever for this fight. Tune into... View Article

June 8, 2016

Fighters of New York: Taneisha Tennant

A few days before Battle of the Millenium III, our subject for this edition of Fighter of New York, Taneisha Tennant, is focusing solely on her upcoming Muay Thai fight. The amateur fighter out of Budokan Martial Arts Academy/Renzo Gracie... View Article

June 6, 2016

Fighters of New York: Emmanuel Walo

In this edition of Fighters of New York, we spoke with the “ArmyFighter” Emmanuel Walo. Walo is a professional mixed martial arts fighter from Jersey City, NJ, who got started in MMA quite casually — simply watching. “I was intrigued,” said Walo. As he entered... View Article