Fighters of New York: Jennie Nedell

written by Joseph Doria III   An underdog is an individual who defies all odds and works harder than the rest of the competition. They never give up no matter how large their obstacle seems or how tough their opponent... View Article


Fighters of New York: Brian Parpan

written by Joseph Doria III   The journey to become a professional kickboxer is a very tough and demanding challenge. It not only requires an immense amount of skill and preparation but also the will to keep moving when things... View Article


Fighters of New York: Rick Schaefer

written by Joseph Doria III   In contrast to their eventual accomplishments, many successful companies started in a garage. Juggernauts such as Amazon, Google, Apple, and Disney took a dream and turned it into action. Rick Shaefer and No Limits... View Article

chris Wade

A Million Reasons for Redemption: Chris Wade

  written by Matt Culley In the age of social media, there are certain moments in time that are so rare, so exciting, so engaging, that they are shared over and over throughout various platforms and channels. Mixed Martial Artist... View Article

gregor Gillespie

Return of the Gift: Gregor Gillespie

  written by Joseph Doria III Throughout his impressive career, Gregor Gillespie has embodied the principles of success and hard work. Starting his fighting vocation in the strenuous sport of wrestling, “the Gift” as he is known in the UFC,... View Article


Fighters of New York: Jared Gordon

  written by Joseph Doria III  The word adversity does not begin to describe the trials and tribulations that UFC featherweight Jared Gordon has faced in his life. Time and time again, he has proved that he can overcome anything... View Article


Fighters of New York: Mike Misa

written by Joseph Doria III   The transition between two different types of fighting is a tremendous challenge that is difficult for any fighter. Not only does it require both a mental and physical change, but a significant amount of... View Article


Fighters of New York: Krista Hannaford

written by Joseph Doria Krista Hannaford is a rising amateur in the expanding world of Mixed Martial Arts. Her tremendous footwork, striking, and fighting IQ give her an advantage over her opponents. Her path to this career, however, was unlike... View Article

Rise and Fall

The Rise and Potential Fall of Submission Grappling

written by Matt Culley / edited b Kyle Antonelli There was a time, not too long ago, when there was virtually no money to be made in grappling. In fact, it was the opposite. It could be a relatively expensive... View Article


A Fair Share: Women’s Pay in MMA

written by Matt Culley / edited by Kyle Antonelli There was a time, back in the earlier days of Mixed Martial Arts, when Dana White and the UFC did not see any value in having women fight in the Octagon.... View Article